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The 3x3 dots Outline font was uploaded to eFonts.co on 15th November 2013 and has been downloaded 114 times. The font can be downloaded free of charge with a license of - Free for Personal Use. The 3x3 dots Outline font is currently located in the SciFi, Outline, LCD category. Below you'll be able to view information about the 3x3 dots Outline font, such as: character map, author notes and any relevant copyright information. The author of this font ( dustBUSt Fonts ) has uploaded 113 fonts, view them all here.

Category: SciFi, Outline, LCD
3x3 dots Outline by dustBUSt Fonts
Free for Personal Use Uploaded: 15 November 2013 Download Font 114 downloads

Character Map

character map

Author Notes

       ___         __  _____    ___         __  _____ 
      /   \ /\ /\ / _\/__   \  / __\ /\ /\ / _\/__   \
     / /\ // / \ \\ \   / /\/ /__\/// / \ \\ \   / /\/
    / /_// \ \_/ /_\ \ / /   / \/  \\ \_/ /_\ \ / /   
   /___,'   \___/ \__/ \/    \_____/ \___/ \__/ \/    

                 ::  F  O  N  T  S  ::                

    3x3 dots truetype font for Windows
    3x3 dots Bold truetype font for Windows
    3x3 dots Outline font for Windows

    Copyright 1999-2000 by dustBUST fonts - Andreas Nylin
    This font is free for all non-commercial uses (donations are accepted). 
    If you want to distribute it please use the original .zip-file 
    including this document. If you use the font, please show me what you 
    used it for. I'm not going to charge you anything for it (as long as it's
    for non-commercial use) I just want to see what my fonts are used for. For 
    commercial uses or collection CD's please contact me! You may not rename, 
    edit, or create any alternate variations of these fonts!

    I, Andreas Nylin, will never be responsible for any damage caused by this
    file. You use it at you own risk. 

	/Andreas Nylin

    E-mail: dustbust@fontframe.com

       WWW: http://fontframe.com/dustbust/


Designer Name: dustBUSt Fonts
License: Free for Personal Use

Font Information

Copyright Notice Copyright by dustBUST 1999-2000.
Font Family Name 3x3 dots Outline
Font Subfamily Name Regular
Unique Font Identifier Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 3x3 dots Outline
Full Font Name 3x3 dots Outline
Version Version 2.0
Postscript Name 3x3dotsOutline
Number of Glyphs 651 - View Complete Character Map

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